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Experience of more than twenty years in all branches of law and legal practice. An institution staffed by a group of the best lawyers in all legal specializations, civil, family felonies, misdemeanors, labor cases, administrative judiciary, state council, establishing companies, dealing with all administrative and government agencies efficiently, credibly, quickly, and other works of law and litigation.

Business Description

- Our primary goal at “El Saudi Lawyers” is our client’s interest, so we defend it fiercely no matter what it takes, taking into account the ethical controls and professional standards of the profession.
- We have a distinguished team of lawyers with extensive experience in various branches of law.
- We harness all our capabilities and expertise to provide high-quality, efficient and professional services to individuals and companies.
- We guarantee that you will obtain your full rights in the event of any dispute.
- Individual services:
- We represent you in all cases and disputes while ensuring that all your material and moral rights are preserved.
- Corporate services:
- We offer your company a wide range of legal services and we represent it in all legal aspects

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