, Kalyoub El Balad, Qalyub, Kaliobeya

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We strive to satisfy our customers, build ongoing relationships with them, and continually develop ourselves. We became the ideal partner for any commercial and industrial activity. We have a specialized team of highly qualified and experienced engineers and technicians. We supply all required products from shelves and stands - warehouse shelves - equipping stores - equipping supermarkets - racks with required loads and weights.

Business Description

- El Tokhy Factory for Manufacturing Shelves and Stands manufactures and produces a wide range of multi-load stands and shelves.
The factory consists of several departments that work together to achieve the highest quality of the product, starting from the order-receiving department through to the design and engineering department, which implements engineering drawings for documents and shelves in accordance with practical requirements and required specifications. In this department, the engineering team uses the latest technologies and programs to ensure accuracy and quality in the cutting and shaping process before it is transferred to the production department, which in turn cuts and shapes the used materials into stands and shelves. Then comes the turn of the assembly department, in which the workers are keen to ensure the correct and solid installation of the products and inspect them to ensure that they are free of any defects. Thereafter, additional operations such as painting or coating for corrosion protection may be performed depending on the requirements. Advanced techniques and high-quality materials are used to produce the finished stands and shelves that are durable and resistant to environmental factors.
- The finished product undergoes inspections and examination to ensure the highest quality before being packaged and shipped to customers. El Tokhy Factory provides a warranty on its products. The warranty may vary in terms of duration and conditions depending on the type of product and company policy. It aims to ensure the product's quality and optimal performance. The warranty may include replacing the product in the event of manufacturing defects or defective materials. The warranty may include product repair or a refund if the customer cannot use the product properly or if it does not meet his needs in order to ensure full benefit from the warranty to achieve customers' satisfaction and the company’s vision.

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