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Specialized in electrical contracting, PLC distribution boards, power boosting boards and auto-control system designs. Technical support, reestablishing production lines and lighting systems. Aeration according to international standards and gear motion systems. We aim to be special, hence we are specialized in distributing products for the largest international agencies. Siemens agent in Egypt.

Business Description

- Electromechanical Company is an engineering supplies company that has achieved many successes since its inception and gained the trust of everyone who dealt with it. It has proven its competence in solving many industrial problems through a qualified work team of highly qualified people in many fields, including:
- Electrical contracting works, design and implementation of distribution panels and power factor improvement panels
- Developing and raising the efficiency and productivity of machines and production lines in various factories
- Design and implementation of automatic control systems
- Design, implementation and maintenance of various lighting systems
- Design, implementation and maintenance of various ventilation systems
- Design and implementation of transmission systems using conveyor belts in various forms
- Implementation and design of fire alarm and fire-fighting systems
- Automated industrial systems (PLC) (s1200 7, s1500 7, s300 7, s400 7)
• Control and operation systems (Key panels, Basic panels, Comfort panels, Panel pc)
- AC  drives:
- Basic performance SINAMICS V
- General performance SINAMICS G
- High-performance SINAMICS S
- Frequency inverter MICROMASTER
- Industrial communications devices
- Industrial Ethernet, PROFINET and PROFIBUS
- Industrial wireless communications
- DC drives 
- Process instrumentation
- Pressure, flow and level transmitters
- Positioners and process recorders
- Weighing and batching systems
- AC induction motors
- IEC motors 
- Non-standard motors 
- SIMOTICS HT high torque motors
- Motors acc. to NEMA
- SIMOTICS XP explosion-proof motors
- LOHER motors 
- Contactors and overload relays Soft starters 
- Power Contactors for Switching Motors 
- Contactor Assemblies
- Contactors for special applications
- Connector relays
- Coupling Relays
- Power Relays/Miniature Contactors
- Monitoring relays
- Thermal overload relays
- Electronic overload relays
- Low voltage circuit breakers
- Air circuit breakers
- Molded circuit breakers
- Miniature circuit breakers
- Residual Current Protective Devices.
- Programmable controllers 
- Control logix, Compact logix, Micro logix, SLC, PLC
Human-machine interface
- Graphic terminals, monitors and industrial computers
- Sensors and switches:
- Pressure sensors
- Temperature sensors
- Level sensors
- Flow Switches 
- Speed Sensing switches
- Photoelectric sensors
- Inductive proximity sensors
- Ultrasonic sensors
- Capacitive Proximity Sensors
- Presence Sensing Safety Devices

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