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Eltag Co. ( Super Star) is Pioneers in manufacturing and supplying polyethylene water tanks approved by the Ministry of Health and National Research Center. Over 20 years of experience in manufacturing polyethylene horizontal cylindrical plastic tanks, vertical tanks and superstar tanks that meet American specifications. Chemical tanks, industrial security tanks and drinking water tanks. Providing products that suite our customers and maintains their health and safety.

Business Description

• Polyethylene water tanks, non-filterable from the bottom or sides. Airtight closed tank, dirt and sunlight-proof, rendering algae production impossible.
• Polyethylene water tanks, consisting of three layers:
- Smooth, white inner layer make it easier to detect impurities and reduce the possibility of algae and bacteria sticking to the inner wall.  
- Black middle layer (2% carbon black) absorbs high-frequency ultraviolet rays, which can affect tank material.  
- White outer layer reflects the largest amount of sunlight.  
• The tanks are designed with side loops that reduce water pressure on the sides of the tank, thus increasing its durability.
• The upper opening in polyethylene water tanks is designed to accommodate the entry of a person, to install connections as well as facilitate tank cleaning.
• The best polyethylene grade, intended only for manufacturing tanks; it is non-toxic, and approved for human use.
• It is also characterized by good flexibility, preventing cracking upon collision or falling from heights.

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