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Engineering Center For Planning & Architecture Consultancy - ECAPAC

23 Central Spine, 4th District, 6th of october, Giza In Front Of Bank El Iskan & El Taamir .

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Specialized in architectural and urban designs, engineering business development, and specialized advisory studies, such as environment and traffic studies. The work team is business administration and engineering professionals, keen to develop its business, specializations, cadres and techniques, and investigates the feasibility of design methods and economical implementation, to provide a mixture of experience and technology that realizes the client’s wishes..

Business Description

- Established in October 2009 and was accredited as an expert office for the General Authority for Urban Planning in Egypt in the field of detailed urban planning, providing its services in the fields of architecture and urban design in addition to feasibility studies of development projects, urban planning, management and quality control of real estate projects to bodies, individuals and consulting offices. The center has designed many administrative buildings, factories, buildings, residential villas, recreational and tourist places, hotels, traffic and feasibility studies, real estate appraisal estimates for construction projects and value engineering studies for projects in Egypt and Saudi Arabia.
- The general consultant for Tractors for Engineering Industries & Supplies, Usain Group for Real Estate, SMS for Waste Energy Recycling Egypt, an engineering consultant for the General Authority for Princely Press Affairs, International Center for Studies and Training, Aerovision for Contracting, Agencies and Supplies, and Jamil Hussein Qattan Foundation for Engineering Consultations.
- Architectural and urban design: dozens of buildings and villas in Egypt and Saudi Arabia, a residential compound in the lakes and the division of Al-Saedan land, the Umrah municipality, the North Makkah Al-Mukarramah Entertainment Park, Abdul Hamid Qattan Tourist Village in Al-Shuaiba, south of Jeddah, a group of pilgrim accommodation hotels, Raya Bakhsh in Makkah, and a group of Kurdi Qattan hotels in Mahbas Al-Jin Alawi Tunisian Hospital in Southern Aziziyah, Qattan Buildings in the Lakes, Al-Umrah District, a commercial-administrative-hotel building on Al-Hajoun Street, housing for pilgrims on Al-Mansour Street in Al-Qashla, and housing for Hajjaj Al-Yamani in Al-Hindawiya Al-Misfalah in Makkah Al-Mukarramah.
- Specialized buildings design, architectural development and value engineering for hospitals, schools, factories, Minya Theater, Bags Factory in Sixth of October, Thermal Paper Factory in Al-Rubiki, Tractors Factory for Engineering Industries Abu Rawash.
- Urban planning and development projects: the cities of Yanbu and Al-Ula. Planning consultant for Mahd Al-Dahab, space and detailed planning for dozens of Egyptian villages, urban development for slums in Makkah, organizing streets in Makkah, urban development of Al-Kakiyah, urban development in Al-Fayhaa, Umrah municipality in Makkah, dividing the lands of the Wadi Serf, Nubariya.

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