, El Ordoneya - El Mubarakeya Center, 10th of ramadan, El sharkeya Office No. 3


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Eslam Service is managed by a group of retired officers and specialists from the armed forces in the field of security and guarding. It provides security and guarding services for all facilities (administrative, commercial, residential, recreational, tourism, industrial and service) consulting and security equipment. Licensed by the responsible authorities to carry out these works through the expertise of specialized retired officers.

Business Description

- Company's business:
- Controlling entrances, exits and the side fences.
- Recording visitors and delegates movement in the designated books
- Follow up approved permits’ movement, their registration and approval by officials before exit
- Recording supplies and raw materials’ movement in the designated books
- Controlling cars’ movement during entry and exit.
- Informing customers of events that offend the site, collecting information about the event and presenting it to the officials immediately
- Conducting a comprehensive survey of the buildings and ensuring that they are free of workers
- Inspection of workers and visitors during the exit according to the instructions of the site
- Carries out civil defense and industrial security works. Secures public and private parties and conferences with the highest means of protection and safety.
- Guard plan:
- Guarding and securing for 24 hours a day in two cycles (day and night).
- Ensuring that individuals wear the company's uniform and that they are instructed in theirtasks and duties.
- Ensuring the presence of individuals at their insurance points and ensuring full vigilance.
- Continuous traffic on the site and making sure that there are no security violations.
- Security Personnel Specifications:
- Relies on young people, middle qualifications, and retired members of the armed forces.
- Appropriate appearance in terms of height, shape and health.
- Wearing the company's official uniform.
- Trained in industrial security and firefighting instructions. Experienced in security and guarding.
- Age from 20 to 45 years. Good command of the English language
- Appointed by the company with official papers and criminal records.
- Provided with security tools and weapons.
- The company carries out integrated cleaning works at the highest level, accompanied by specialized supervisors to follow up the workflow and facilitate it. It provides periodic cleaning with annual official contracts.

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