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2 El Zalabany St., Moharram bey, Alexandria Behind The Electricity Station, Beside New Parking



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Leaders in manufacturing various refrigeration and air conditioning products including evaporators and capacitors Acquiring over 80% of the Egyptian market .Competing strongly in the Arab markets, including UAE, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Tunisia & Libya .We are entering global competition through the European markets by keeping pace with the latest technologies in the refrigeration and air conditioning industries worldwide.

Business Description

- General Cool Co
- Founded in 1984 by Mr. Jamal Al Zalbani
- International technology in Egyptian hands provided by General Cool Company in the field of refrigeration and air conditioning
- Specialized in the manufacture of condensers and evaporators, Designing evaporators and condensers according to the customer's request
- Our Advantages:
- We put in your hands more than 36 years of experience in the cooling industry to meet the needs of all customers and manufacturers in this field.
- Our factories are characterized by the ability to manufacture condensers and evaporators in all capacities and original dimensions
And designs for units of cooling and freezing rooms, display refrigerators, central air conditioners and cooling towers.
- The company is unique in manufacturing refrigeration condensers and evaporators that work with CO2 gas
- We are able to design and manufacture evaporators and condensers of various shapes and sizes upon request
- Offers its customers a variety of evaporators of different sizes and capacities
- We are also unique in providing solutions and ideas that meet the requirements of our customers in the world of refrigeration!
- High quality of the final product - Well-trained workforce
- Our products:
- Evaporative Condenser-Evaporator for cold room for fans-Condenser- Evaporators- Condenser Refrigeration Evaporator- Evaporative air cold condenser- Evaporative Condenser Box-Type- Evaporator Chiller-High efficiency fin type condenser coils- Finned Evaporators- Evaporator Coil -  Evaporator for the cold room- Double Side Blowing Evaporator for Cold Room- Low noise air-cooled condenser- Finned Condenser-Condenser Water Chiller- Condenser coils for industrial dehumidifier-Condenser coil- Air Handling Unit Condenser Coils Heat Exchanger.
- Our motto and goals:
- We work for you and look forward to customer satisfaction

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