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Plot 73, Extension Of 3rd Industrial Zone, 6th of october, Giza In Front Of Al Attal Steel Co., In The End Of Banks Complex - Near To Akhbar El Youm

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All maintenance work in one place:
-We provide all works of mechanics, maintenance, electricity, air conditioning, plumbing, fiber, duco, and renewal of all kinds of private cars, minibuses, buses, transport, trailers and refrigerators.
-General turning works, turning drums, rivet brake pads and repairing batteries. We have advanced equipment that detects all malfunctions in cars, trucks and buses, as it has the latest fault diagnosis device (star) and the latest devices for wheel alignment and balance for trucks, buses, trailers and private vehicles of all kinds. 
Mechanical and electrical works:
-We have the latest equipment to diagnose faults and do all mechanical, electrical, air conditioning and battery repairs for all types of trucks, buses and private cars.
Plumbing and paint:
-All plumbing, fiber and duco work.
-Insured car accident repair and renewal, car evaluation according to the technical condition, and renewal of all types of cars.
Trucks Services:
-We maintain, repair and renew trailers, wheel alignment and balance, brake overhauls, suspension system and pillars repair, adjust chassis, repair and create air circuits and renew boxes
Supply of spare parts:
-We provide spare parts at the best prices from reliable sources for replacement parts, in addition to the original spare parts for trucks, buses, trailers and private cars, according to the customer's desire with guarantee.
Insurance Services:
-We work in the field of insured car accidents, renewal and repair as the company is registered and approved by various insurance companies. We have a financial department with the highest level of experience that qualifies it to deal with the financial departments of all companies.
Maintenance for all car models:
-A group of distinguished engineers and technicians with previous experience in major truck and bus agencies, giving weight to the company, and making it possess scientific and practical experiences in this field.

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