Hydro Mechanical For Engineering Industries

Plot 4/5/14, 3rd Industrial Zone, 10th of ramadan, El sharkeya Near To European Outlet For Clothes



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Pioneers producing all heavy and light hydraulic equipment including handling equipment and storage systems. Manufacturing hydraulic winches, transportation and handling equipment, loading docks, storage units and pallet winches. Managed by consulting offices with the most efficient engineers and technicians, in accordance with international and quality standard specifications.

Business Description

- Hydro Engineering Industries Company.
- Providing services in the production and manufacture of various heavy and light equipment.
- Heavy equipment:
- Loading docks installed inside piers and concrete docks.
- Mobile loading docks with different loads and up to 15 tons.
- Mobile, fixed elevators, cranes for different loads.
- Metal tanks manufacturing for various purposes: water, diesel and big food company tanks.
- Light equipment:
- Heavy, light storage shelves.
- Cupboards, labor cabinets, drawer units.
- Manual, electric hydraulic winches.
- All is done within the recognized international and local standard specifications by the most qualified engineers and designers. Our company is distinguished by providing its expertise and capabilities in facilitating your factories and companies work according to the available specifications and capabilities, We provide technical consultations through the integrated technical engineering department, design, supervise all products and ensure that they comply with the required technical specifications. Hoping for good cooperation.
- From our previous work,Tenth of Ramadan:
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- El- Obour:
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- October:
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- Mass Food.
- Nissan.
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- Sedico Pharmaceutical.
- Union air.
- Middle East.
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- Global Nabi Pharmaceuticals.
- Al-Babtain Power.
- Other regions:
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- Egyptian Pasteurized Eggs (EPEC).
- Toshiba El-Araby Group. 
- Best Cheese (Nestle).
- AUG Glass.
- Krno.
- Eroglu egypt.

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