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Kayan Company for Metal Industries is specialized in manufacturing manhole covers made of ductile gray cast iron that are used in sewage or drainage water lines, in addition to metal forming and manufacturing. The company provides high quality products at competitive prices and in the fastest time possible.

Business Description

- Kayan Castings is a leading manufacturer with a diverse range of products. Started in 1998, its functions include casting, testing, coating facilities, and engineering services. Kayan Company has developed its products to provide complete products in castings for the manufacture of one of the most important heavy industries, infrastructure and national projects such as drinking water and sewage lines, and its permanent development.
- We work with modern equipment from electric metal melting furnaces to ensure a high-quality product of metals, with the help of a group of technicians, engineers and workers at the highest level of efficiency under the supervision of a highly experienced management.
- We carefully manufacture our products, including flexible cast iron and gray cast sewer covers of different sizes, manhole and power rooms covers, water drain grills, cast iron rainwater drain covers, roof and floor drains, fire hydrants, sockets, staircases, street covers, flexible cast iron connections, control gates, dismantling and installation connections.
- The management's vision aims for Kayan to become the region's largest and most respected supplier of casing products and water-related industries, providing a first-class alternative to American and European producers, to meet the growing demands of our customers in Egypt, Africa and the Middle East.
- Our mission is to become a professionally managed industrial company by employing and training the best young engineers and managerial caliber in Egypt to provide appropriate education for technicians in their respected fields in molding, machining, model making, mechanical and electrical maintenance and to contribute to the Egyptian economy and the Middle East by becoming a value-added industrial company that produces engineering products necessary for the country's infrastructure. In addition to contributing to saving precious water by providing flawless pipes, valves and connections that do not show any sign of leakage after long years of operation.

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