166 Khaled Ibn El Walid St., Sidi beshr, Alexandria In Front Of Rayan Market



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Semouha Green Towers Alex Agricultural Rd.,Beside Aramex ABBIS, ALEXANDRIA Km 18 Alex Matrouh Rd.,Beside B.TECH ABOU YOUSSEF, ALEXANDRIA Km 16 Alex Matrouh Desert Rd.,Inside Agamy Star Mall, Ground Floor AGAMI, ALEXANDRIA Km 19 Alex Matrouh Desert Rd. AGAMI, ALEXANDRIA Km 28 Alex Cairo Desert Rd.,Inside Rose Garden Mall, Ground Floor AMREYA, ALEXANDRIA 64 Omar Lotfy St.,Beside Camp Shizar Teram Station CAMP SHIZAR, ALEXANDRIA 80 Port Said St.,Near To Swesra Dairy CAMP SHIZAR, ALEXANDRIA 24 Alam El Din St., Off Abou Qir St. CLEOPATRA, ALEXANDRIA 390 Malak Hefni St.,Beside Mabaret Al Asafra Hospital EL ASAFRA BAHARY, ALEXANDRIA 158 El Horreya Rd.,In Front Of Gamal Abdel Nasser Hospital EL HADARA BAHARY, ALEXANDRIA 57 El Aqid Mostafa Mohamed Tawfiq St., Off La Guitaih St.,In Front Of El Adawy Supermarket EL IBRAHIMEYA, ALEXANDRIA Masged El Kabbary St., Mina El Basal,Inside Misr Import & Export Complex EL KABBARI, ALEXANDRIA 386 Gamal Abdel Nasser St.,Beside Abdel Halim Mahmoud Mosque EL MANDARA, ALEXANDRIA 117 Masged El Attarin St.,In Front Of Oriental Weavers EL MANSHEYA EL SOGHRA, ALEXANDRIA 6 Sheraton El Montazah Towers,Inside Fathalla Gomla Market, Ground Floor, Shop 49 EL MONTAZAH, ALEXANDRIA 452 Mostafa Kamel St., Magic Tower,In Front Of City Light Mall EL SEYOUF, ALEXANDRIA 13 Othman Bldgs. Mostafa Kamel St. EL SEYOUF SHAMAA, ALEXANDRIA 88 Abdel Salam Aref St. GLIM, ALEXANDRIA Alex Matrouh Desert Rd.,In Front Of Agami Modern School HANNOVILLE, ALEXANDRIA 3 Yousry El Khodary St., Off Maarouf El Rassafy St.,In Front Of Franciscan Sisters School - Kafr Abdou KAFR ABDOU, ALEXANDRIA 13 El Eqbal St.,In Front Of Banque Du Caire LORAN, ALEXANDRIA 54 Iskandar Ibrahim St.,Beside KFC MIAMI, ALEXANDRIA 37 El Mofatesh St., Intersection Of Canal El Mahmoudeya St., Panorama Compound MOHARRAM BEY, ALEXANDRIA 358 Canal El Mahmoudeya Rd. MOHARRAM BEY, ALEXANDRIA Mansha St., Intersection Of El Fannan Mohamed Hassan St.,Beside Fathalla Gomla Market MOHARRAM BEY, ALEXANDRIA 397 El Horreya Rd.,Beside El Raml Preparatory School MOSTAFA KAMEL, ALEXANDRIA , 3rd Neighbourhood, 1St Zone,Inside Gomla Market NEW BORG EL ARAB, ALEXANDRIA 17, Saad Zaghloul Sq. RAML STATION, ALEXANDRIA 29 El Ghorfa El Togareya St.,In Front Of Chamber Of Commerce - Alexandria RAML STATION, ALEXANDRIA 21 Kaniset El Aqbat St., Off Saad Zaghloul St.,Beside Patriarchal Saint Mark RAML STATION, ALEXANDRIA 28 Commercial Chamber St. RAML STATION, ALEXANDRIA , Home Delivery RAML STATION, ALEXANDRIA 23, Saad Zaghloul Sq.,Beside Alex Bank RAML STATION, ALEXANDRIA 22 El Ghorfa El Togareya St.,Beside Abou Nasser Restaurant RAML STATION, ALEXANDRIA El Guish Rd.,Inside San Stefano Grand Plaza Mall, Ground Floor SAN STEFANO, ALEXANDRIA 364 B Solik Bldgs. El Naql & El Handasa St.,Near To Pizza Queen SEMOUHA, ALEXANDRIA 74 A Albert El Awal St., Intersection Of Fawzy Moaz St.,In Front Of Aly Ibn Abi Taleb Mosque SEMOUHA, ALEXANDRIA 36 Mostafa Kamel St.,In Front Of Smouha Sporting Club SEMOUHA, ALEXANDRIA 14 Edmund Vermont St.,Beside We - Telecom Egypt SEMOUHA, ALEXANDRIA 109 Gamal Abdel Nasser St., Intersection Of Mohamed Naguib St. SIDI BESHR, ALEXANDRIA 13 Masged Sidi Beshr St.,Near To El Montazah District Presidency SIDI BESHR, ALEXANDRIA 48 Mohamed Farid St. WINGATT, ALEXANDRIA 617 El Horreya Rd.,Beside Yehia Mosque ZEZENIA, ALEXANDRIA

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