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Map For Engineering Industries & Contracting

Plot 402, Industrial Zone A6, 10th of ramadan, El sharkeya

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Producing storage, production line and double jacket tanks. Pipelines such as vapor, nutrition and pharmaceutical pipes. All conveyor belts such as roller, modular and pulley. Stainless steel handrails, glass protectors and airport and stadium décor works - Half-cooked French fries production line.

Business Description

• Only eight years after MAP Company for construction and engineering industries was established, the company was able to prove itself as one of the best in its field in Egypt.
• This was done by the company's commitment to be the best by working with a team of engineers with high experience in mechanical design, construction and implementation according to the highest standards and quality.
• The company work was focused on the preparation of storage tanks of all kinds, product transportation lines, half fried potato production lines, and all factories requirements like pipes and stainless steel products.

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