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MCI For Manufacturing Packaging & Packaging Medical Supplies Machines

Abou Setta, Merghem Industrial Zone, Amreya, Alexandria


An Egyptian company located in Alexandria. We produce manufacturing, filling and packaging medical supplies machines, specializing in the production of sterilization rolls and bags and production lines for wound care manufacturing machines such as (medical bandages making machine, contact lens spare parts making machine, wound dressing making machine, all medical transfer machines) with the best quality and competitive prices for all.

Business Description

- We manufacture machines of the highest quality and with very high accuracy that compete with the global market. We are the first company in Africa and the Middle East that produces these machines to meet the needs of the local, Arab and African market. We have a group of engineers and technicians at the highest level in the manufacture of machines and immediate maintenance. We aim to be one of the first companies in the world in the manufacture of this type of machine.
- Our products:
- Rolls, packing bags and medical supplies sterilization making machine AZT-RPM-01,02 It is the first production of the company in this field, and the first to be manufactured locally, with a quality comparable to the imported machines.
- It is also suitable for medical supplies manufacturers to package their products, as well as manufacturers of sterilization rolls and bags for medical supplies as a separate project. The machine is also valid for producing bags and rolls for packaging any product. The machine can manufacture rolls and bags made of paper and plastic or plastic and paper or paper only.
- Company Features:
- Highest quality of manufacturing at the most reasonable prices
- Observance of European standards in manufacturing
- Imported raw materials and precision in manufacturing
- Commitment to delivery times
- Flexibility to manufacture on demand
- Follow-up and after-sales maintenance service

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