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MGS offers this brief overview of Al-Ameen Accounting and Warehousing program’s technical specifications. The program is designed to suit the needs of small, medium and large companies, helping them understand and control their financial and accounting affairs. It is now able to issue electronic invoices to suit their service, commercial, industrial, and contracting needs.

Business Description

- The first Arabic program for large, medium and small organizations, enabling employers to  (issue invoices - bonds, follow up on customer receivables, monitor employees, control expenses -revenues) easily and extracting financial centers at any moment.
- It can issue electronic invoices and link it (manually - automatically) with the Egyptian Tax Authority directly.
- It works with Microsoft SQL Server, ensuring the speed of data processing and the ability to deal with large volumes of them. The work team develops it continuously.
- General Advantages:
1- A fast server and excellent performance with high efficiency.
2- Controlling data traffic.
3- Comfortable working image for long working periods.
4- Save time and effort.
5- Allocate the desktop to display warning messages and  notifications.
- Technical advantages:
1- Different techniques used to exchange data.
2- It  works on all Microsoft windows systems
3- The possibility of installing it easily.
4-  (HELP) is available with the program.
5- It  works in several languages (Arabic, English, French, Portuguese, Turkish, Brazilian, Chinese and Urdu).    
- Programs' Advantages:
1- Accounts.
2- Accounting operations.
3- Cost centers.
4- Reports.
5- Currencies.
6- Securities.
7-  Electronic bills.
8- The fields assigned to all cards.
9- Financial statements.
10- Additional reports.
11- Multiple warehouses
12- Industrial costs.
13- Points of sale and restaurants.
14- Branches, institutions and profit centers for branches.
15- Manage orders and distribution.
16- Fixed Assets
17- Rich typography
18- Special Offers
19- Barcode stickers.
20- Archiving system
- Some of the program's activities:
1- Clothing and computer companies.
2- Educational bodies.
3- Import and export companies.
4- Trade and contracting companies.
5- Telecom companies.
6- Food and sweets companies.
7- Furniture companies.
8- Pharmaceutical companies.
9- Electrical tools companies.
10- Ceramic companies.
11- Marble companies and factories.
12- Libraries and supermarkets.
13- Air conditioning and refrigeration.
14- Companies.

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