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The company supplies all types of insulation and carries out all insulation contracts according to technical specifications and industry rules. The company works in the following areas of insulation: thermal insulation services, fire insulation services and sound and noise insulation services.

Business Description

- The company supplied insulation materials to major companies working in the field of central air conditioning in Egypt and was a key partner in the success of the projects of these companies, such as Hassan Allam, Consukorra, Alex International ICC, Cairo Cool and Concord. The company has also implemented many major projects such as the sanitation station in Al Gabal Al Asfar, the serum and vaccine factory in the 6th of October City, Monginis food factories and many medium projects. The company has also committed itself to implementing projects with accuracy, speed and delivery ahead of schedule.
Our services:
Thermal insulation services.
- Thermal insulation is the prevention or reduction of heat transfer between objects by thermal contact or within the range of radiation emission. Heat transfer is the transfer of thermal energy between objects through the difference in temperature of these objects as it is known that heat is a form of energy.
Fire insulation services.
- Insulation against fire, we can say that it is one of the indispensable services in modern industries, in addition to the use of fire-resistant thermal insulation materials to increase the safety factor in the work environment in addition to homes. Therefore, our company's interest in providing the highest rates of professionalism in providing service to its customers is a great priority for us.
Sound and noise insulation services.
- Sound and noise insulation has become an essential component in industries that emit loud noises in residential areas. It is also important for sound studio companies to isolate external sounds from the studio. Therefore, our company provides sound insulation service to all companies for all purposes with high quality.

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