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Producing fire deterrent materials. Various experiments and researches to reach the highest efficiency. Providing a wide range of the latest advanced firefighting systems and alarms, hydraulic works and calculations for various systems. Providing the best integrated firefighting solutions to reach the highest level of safety and protection.

Business Description

- Minco for Industrial Safety & Treatment Against Fire provides the following services:
- Fire resistance treatment with fire-retardant materials.
- Treating fabrics with Alpha substance fire-retardant (curtains - carpets - cloth - sofas - tents ...).
- Treating wood with Alpha substance fire-retardant (wooden claddings - chairs - decors - ......).
- Treating iron with Alpha substance fire-retardant (trusses - steel structures - storage - ...).
- Treating cables with Alpha substance fire-retardant (electrical cables)
- Treating walls with Alpha substance fire-retardant (walls - gypsum board - ceilings - ....).
- The treatment process of alpha substance is done by the company the brand owner, it passed all fire tests and it is according to the Egyptian, British and English specifications and it is guaranteed by the company.
- Automatic fire alarm system (SIMPLEX- MIRCOM- C- TEC- APOLLO- HOCHIKI- ESSER- EDWARD).
- Automatic water suppression system (fire pumps- fire sprinklers- fire boxes).
- CO2 fire suppression system.
- FM-200 Fire Suppression System.
- Wet chemical suppression system to protect modern commercial kitchen.
- Aerosol fire suppression system.
- Firetrace automatic fire suppression system .
- Foam system.
- The company maintains, supplies, installs and designs all the above-mentioned systems, fire extinguisher recharging as well as all the hydraulic and mechanical calculations for the systems.

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