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Naqaa Masr For Metal Works

Rd. 900, Western Extension, 1st Industrial Zone, Triangle Zone, Obour city, Kaliobeya


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A leading company in the field of laser metal works (metal shelves and cupboards, kitchen equipment, garage doors, armored doors, handrails for windows, CNC and Krital balconies, manufacturing customized presses, sorting and packing stations for vegetables and fruits, office furniture chassis, with or without neck flanges, pallets).

Business Description

Our company is a leader in laser and plasma operations with experience since 1989.
From our previous work:
- Replacing and renewing the main refrigerators of (Haya) company at Cairo International Airport.
- Lufthansa International Export Center.
- Dakahlia Poultry Company.
- Replacing and renovating the Sesame Factory for the Armed Forces (ElGabal ElAhmar).
- Mohamed Naguib base sorting station.
- Tenth of Ramadan sorting station.
- Al-Heba Agricultural Crops Company.
- NFX Company for Agricultural Crops.
- Spectra Pharmaceutical Company.
- Western Pharmaceutical Company.
- MOG Engineering and Industry Co.
Our advantages:
- Product quality is the core of our development. The company carries out strict control over products from raw materials to finished products in accordance with international standard standards.
- In order to achieve the rapid development of the company, improve quality and service awareness for employees, our company adheres to the company spirit of technology and quality to achieve survival. Our business philosophy is to consider service as imposition and to achieve development from credibility.
- Due to the challenges of the labor market and the rapid development of technology, we have manufactured many products in the field of metal forming.
- Our company is characterized as being the pioneers of laser metalworking in Egypt.
- Our design team is highly trained and meets all customer requirements for technical support.