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Specialized in manufacturing corrugated cardboard, flexo and offset printing, and duplex boxes with more than 20 years of experience. We manufacture all kinds of carton used in all fields (shipping companies, food packaging, sweets boxes, pizza boxes, restaurants, household appliances, medical supplies, furnishings and blankets, furniture preservation, electrical appliances ..). We offer integrated solutions in this field with the best materials and prices.

Business Description

- New Golden Pack Company for the manufacture of cartons, specialized in manufacturing and trading corrugated cartons, micro boxes and printing of all kinds and forms (offset, flexo and duplex).
- We provide a complete service under one roof and at the highest technical level.
- We are ready to meet the customer with all kinds of carton boxes (boxes, carton trays, micro boxes, duplex boxes, self-locking cartons) for all activities. We can make duplex and single cartons, micro, processed cartons with any materials the customer needs for printing up to 4 colors flexo and offset up to 6 colors.
- We always strive to develop and increase the confidence of our customers, with our ambition to be at the forefront of carton manufacturing and supplying companies in all fields.
Our services:
- Manufacturing cartons for shipping companies (shipping goods, shipping products, and other uses of shipping companies).
- Manufacturing cartons for packing foodstuffs for companies and factories (food - snacks - pizza - drinks - sweets boxes - date boxes - delivery restaurants - coffee packaging - halava packing - olive oil - vinegar ...).
- Manufacturing cartons for household appliances companies (stoves, refrigerators, washing machines, air conditioners, screens, vacuum cleaners, heaters, mixers, etc.), everything that serves electrical appliance companies and factories.
- Manufacturing cartons for pharmaceutical companies, cosmetics and medical supplies (medicines - gloves - masks - cosmetics, etc.).
- Manufacturing carton boxes for furniture, blankets, sheets, towels and textiles in general.
- Manufacturing fruit and vegetable cartons for the local market and for export.
- Manufacturing cartons for the ceramics sector.
- We manufacture cartons used in all fields, and implement the highest quality, best price, and in record time, while adhering to the required standards and deadlines with the client.
Previous work:
- Carrefour.
- Shell oils.
- Co-operation petroleum.
- El Nasr Chemicals.
- Chemicals for Modern building.
- Nouval.
- (Amazon now).

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