Plot 6175, 6th Industrial Zone, Sadat city, El monofeya


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Perfect Chemical is a leading manufacturer of high-quality medical supplies. The company provides immediate delivery service to the customer wherever he is. The company has a customer base in most of the governorates of Egypt. Our goal is always to satisfy the customer.

Business Description

- Perfect Chemical is committed to providing many medical and cosmetic products that the Egyptian  market needs due to its efficiency and accuracy in manufacturing, packaging and packaging.
- Our products:
- Manufacturing ultrasound gel
- Manufacturing KY Gel
- Ethyl alcohol filling
- Manufacturing sterillium
- Manufacturing medical masks
- Manufacturing savlon antiseptic
- Manufacturing cidex sterilizer
- Manufacturing oxygen water
- Manufacturing oxygen cream
- Manufacturing glycerine manesia
- Manufacturing medical plasters for wounds
- Manufacturing nail polish remover
- Manufacturing potassium permanganate
- Manufacturing benzoin tincture
- Medical paraffin oil packing
- Medical castor oil packing
- Medical glycerin packaging
- Distilled water filling
- Medical Vaseline filling

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