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Plot 6175, 6th Industrial Zone, Sadat city, El monofeya


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Perfect Chimerical is a leading company in the field of cosmetics and medical products, which was established after the 25th revolution of January 2011, and was developed in several stages. The company started with a small factory in Al Marj city. The project was expanded several times until it was moved to Al-Sadat Industrial Zone in the beginning of 2022.

Business Description

- Perfect Chimerical is committed to providing many of the medical and cosmetic products needed by the Egyptian market due to their efficiency and accuracy in their manufacture and packaging which makes all cooperating companies always deal with them and not think about cooperation with any other competitor as a result of the quality and efficiency of the product, which the company is popular for since its inception
- Perfect Chimerical Brand was born to become a giant in the field of medical and cosmetic products
- The most important activities offered by our company:
- Manufacture and packaging of sonar gel
- Manufacture and packaging of nail polish remover
- Manufacture and packaging of oxygen cream
- Manufacture and packaging of vaseline
- Glycerin filling
- Clove oil filling
- Paraffin oil filling
- Manufacturing and packaging alcohol gel (hand gel)
- Oxygen water manufacturing and packaging
- Manufacture of non-woven masks
- Filling ethyl alcohol less than 80% unconverted
- Manufacture and packaging of high-quality floor disinfectant

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