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The latest American specifications with a 10-year guarantee certified by the Ministry of Health and the National Research Center. For the first time in Egypt, Polyethylene tanks for drinking water and chemicals equipped with copper fittings to ensure tank protection against lightening and provide delivery requirements to consumers. For the first time in Egypt, thermal foam insulation for tanks with capacities from 500 to 20,000 liters.

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- Poly Tank for water tank manufacture, specializing in manufacturing tanks of all kinds. 
- For the first time in Egypt, polyethylene tanks are equipped with a copper coupling to ensure their safety from random lightening and to provide the delivery requirements to the consumer. As a water tank company, we provide many of the best types of water tanks and other products such as:
- Horizontal Poly tank - Vertical Poly tank - Basket basins - Transparent containers - Road barriers - New Jersey - Polyethylene baskets - Transparent tanks (used in storing chemicals) 
- Tank capacities start from 500 liters up to 20 m and are manufactured with the latest American specifications.
- The tanks consist of three layers: the inner layer is white so that users know the degree of purity of the water. This layer is smooth to reduce the possibility of algae and bacteria adhesion.
- The middle layer is black by adding black carbon by 2%. This material absorbs high-frequency ultraviolet radiation, which can affect the tank material.
- The outer layer is white to reflect the largest amount of sunlight.
- Tanks are designed to be supported by side rings, which reduces the water pressure on its sides, increasing its life span.
- The upper opening of the tank was designed to be wide enough for a person to enter to install the connections to facilitate the cleaning process of the tank.
- The best grades of polyethylene designated only for the manufacture of poly tanks, which are non-toxic and authorized for use in food packaging, have been selected, as well as good flexibility, which prevents the tank from cracking in the event of any collision or falling.
- Our company is proud to offer this global technology in the world of tanks.Therefore, we are considered one of the best plastic water tanks manufacturers in egypt. We hope that our products will satisfy you and meet your needs, out of our concern for the public interest and serving our country.
- We offer the best prices available.

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