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, 2Nd Industrial Zone, Mubarak Industrial City, Quwasnah, El monofeya



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Leaders in flexo gravure printing. We have three lines of Flexo Center Drum up to 8 colors. Specialists in manufacturing natural cellophane packing materials and 2-layer polypropylene production. Specialized in all kinds of packing materials such as natural cellophane, waxed paper & cheese & yogurt covers.

Business Description

- The company has the latest production lines of major international companies. 
- It is considered the leader in flexo graphics in Egypt, owning three flexo center drum lines up to 8 colors from Fisher and W&H, the two German and largest companies in the world. 
- It has an 8-color rotogravure printing line that allows double-sided printing. 
- A special department for the preparation and design of PRE PRESS, equipped with the latest equipment and techniques, and managed by a group of experts. 
- The latest lining lines in the world, owning four lines from Nord MECCANICHE, including the Italian company, for lining all kinds of flexible and aluminum casings, and aluminum cardboard up to 3 layers. 
- The latest DCM and French waxing line for treating paper with wax or hot melt. 
- A special section for shrink sleeves, rolls or pieces, used in mineral water, cosmetics and edible oil bottles. 
- A special section for the manufacture of bags of all kinds and shapes, serving the field of food, chemical and pharmaceutical industries and ready-made clothes. 
- The company's shearing department is equipped with the latest German BIMEC brand scissors and KAMPF Italian brand. 
- The company's production: 
- Polypropylene, one or two layers, for packing foodstuffs, snacks, chips, sweets, biscuits and chocolate. 
- It specializes in all toast raw materials for packaging bonbon, toffee and chocolate, such as natural cellophane, PVC, PET and wax-treated paper. 
- Manufacture of special covers for yogurt, cheese and liquid chocolate. 
- Qualified engineers at the highest level of experience who have been trained by experts from Germany and Italy. 
- The company is keen to select suppliers of raw materials and materials used in production, local or international, to ensure a quality product. 
- We have the latest, best and fastest packaging solutions. 

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