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Pioneers in supplying imported plastic packages in the best raw materials. An outstanding assortment of imported packaging for cosmetics, pharmaceuticals and more. Supplying the best raw materials to provide high quality products through an efficient team, experienced in the field of cosmetic packaging to meet market needs with superior quality, competitive prices and punctuality.

Business Description

- Specialized in supplying imported cosmetic packages and medicine packages of different sizes, excellent quality and competitive prices with the ability to print on them and make the necessary designs for the customer, whether a cosmetic company, pharmacies, beauty center or clinics and others.
- We provide our customers with the best products of plastic containers and imported plastic tubes of various sizes and diameters for packaging (cream - shampoo - hair mask - lotion - creatine - shower gel - serum ...) With supplying lotion pumps- automatic spray - serum pump - oil pump ... And supplying covers of various diameters for plastic containers for cosmetics and others.
- Our advantages:
- Providing new and attractive designs, and after-sales service in a distinctive way through a distinguished work team.
- As we are pioneers in the field of supplying imported plastic containers used in the packaging of cosmetics, medicinal cosmetics, detergents and the like.
- We excel in front of our customers by providing our services and products with great quality and competitive prices. We always look forward to success through packaging service with the highest quality standards, considering our customers by meeting their needs and market needs with superior quality, competitive prices and accuracy in the dates of supply. We are able through our experience to solve and confront any problem in this area.

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