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A company specializing in the manufacture of lines, equipment, devices and machines for food, pharmaceutical, cosmetic and chemical production. An engineering technical office that designs and simulates all products before starting any project to ensure their efficiency.

Business Description

- An integrated and highly trained team, modern technologies in all manufacturing work, quality control departments on products, inherited experience and continuous updating of all product designs, warranty period for all products up to 12 months against manufacturing defects.
- Our products:
1- Conveyor belts. Manufacturing all kinds of free pulleys and conveyor belts for all products to serve all sectors of industry in all dimensions, sizes, shapes and types
2- Potato production line. Quality Steel manufactures food production lines such as frozen products production lines in general, such as frozen half-fried potatoes production lines
3- Packing machines. Manufacturing all types of packing machines for liquids, viscous materials, semi-liquids and powders with all production capacities from stainless steel 304 and steel resistant to acids, heat and chemicals 316
4- Tahini production lines. Tahini and halva production lines with production capacities starting from half a ton per day to 10 tons per day in all production stages with all the complements and supplements of production lines such as steam and electrical energy sources, tanks and tables to serve production halls
5- Jam production lines, tomato paste, tomato molasses, ketchup, concentrates, juices, cold and hot sauces production lines, jelly, fillings and caramel, and production lines for all confectioner’s requirements and powder mixtures.
- Markets we serve:
- Food industry: machines and production lines for the food, beverage and packaging industries
- The pharmaceutical industry: production lines conforming to international standards for the production of various medicines
- Cosmetic industry: automatic and/or semi-automatic manufacturing of various cosmetic ingredients.
- Chemicals: production lines comparable to international production lines and highly trained workers

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