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Red Sea Co. For Supplies

5158 Rd. 151, Floor 12, Mearag City, Maadi, Cairo


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Red Sea Oils Company for Marine Supplies and Engineering Consultation, a company specialized in supplying all types of oils and filters, pumps, air compressors, generators, whether marine or in factories and companies, firefighting systems, all types of paints, safety equipment, air conditioning and refrigeration systems and responsible for maintaining all the aforementioned equipment .

Business Description

- We started our business in 2015 as distributors of lubricants under the brands (Mobil - Shell - Caltex - Total) for (all types of oils - lubricants - greases) and truck engine filters.
- Our mission is to expand the customer base and strengthen the relationship with customers by understanding their needs and providing the best solutions through our new activity, which is marine engineering consultancy, to conduct all kinds of marine surveys on all types of ships, such as inspecting the draft and payload and the amount of fuel in the case of ship rental and inspection of the body and machinery in case of  (renting- buying -selling) of all types of vessels and delivering products and services according to customer expectations. We also supply all main machinery and auxiliary machinery for ships such as all types of air compressors, pumps, all types of valves, hydraulic and pneumatic systems on board ships, firefighting systems, marine electronics, welding electrodes of all kinds, flanges, corrosion protection poles, and pulling winches and steel wires used for them, insulating materials, propellers, propeller shafts and its bearings, hydraulic winches, electric grapple winches, diving equipment and rudders control, sewage treatment units, water purification, oil and water separation unit, oil and fuel purifiers, all kinds of paints, safety equipment, etc. For tugs, ferries, pilot and supply boats, coast guard ships, Nile cruise ships, yachts and all merchant ships. Moreover, we can perform regular maintenance for main and auxiliary engines.

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