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Reveal Translation is a Cairo-based company that provides the best-certified translation of legal & financial documents, website localization and various language services. Some of prestigious companies and organizations in Egypt, Middle East and internationally elect our translation services to boost their business in various field: legal, commercial, marketing, advertising, media, technical, food and beverage, oil and gas industry, etc.

Business Description

- If you are looking for professional translation services!
- If you need to translate certified legal document files through a translation company accredited by all embassies in Cairo, Arab Republic of Egypt!
- If you want to enter new markets by translating your website content or marketing materials into different languages!
- You will find Revel's team of professional translators ready to help you, we speak for you.
- Extended experience in translation since 2005
- The company operates in most major languages and they specialize in different fields, such as:
- Legal translation, which is a highly specialized field that includes the transfer of texts from one language to another, with full adherence to the system and nature of legal terminology that includes litigation papers, prosecution notes, court expert reports, articles of incorporation of companies, their articles of association, partnership contracts, and internal regulations, Contracts, treaties, human rights documents, patents, copyright claims, trademarks, minutes of meetings, memorandums of understanding, public or private powers of attorney, court rulings, arbitration decisions, and legal reports.
-Translating financial documents that include banking documents, financial statements, feasibility studies, and others.
- Medical translation of documents and records related to the healthcare industry.
- Marketing and advertising translation that includes public relations, media, marketing, advertising and stylists.
- Translating media to deliver information and news accurately
- Translation of information technology for computer-based information systems.
- We offer you the best service with full commitment to the delivery dates for each translation project.
Website localization:
- Do you need to translate your website content? And why?
- Translating your websites is the most effective way to increase your reach to potential customers and thus increase your sales volume.
- About 70% of customers are likely to buy products that have labels written in their native language. Hence, if your competitors are already translating their websites and product metadata, you can't help but localize English websites. And if your competitors don't translate their websites, being the first to do so will give you tangible competitive advantages.
- Increase your sales.
- Enhance customer loyalty.
- Reduce customer support costs.
Interpretation :- 
- When organizing a multilingual event, you should definitely leave nothing to chance. Therefore, we offer you the best interpreters to serve you in various events:
- Conferences, workshops, meetings, panel discussions, and negotiation sessions of all kinds.

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