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10 Ahmed Fathy St.,, Off Abou Qir St., Glim, Alexandria

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Runway Company for Limousine Services founded in 2010, it is one of the leading limousine companies in Egypt. We offer a full range of limousine services such as airport limousine services, transfers between governorates, wedding limousines services, trips limousines, corporate limousine rentals, and conference limousines. We have 7, 14 and 50-seater cars.

Business Description

- Runway Limousine Company offers a full range of limousine services, such as airport limousine services (Borg El Arab Airport limousine and Cairo Airport limousine) transfer between governorates, weddings, trips, conference, corporate transfer, car renting etc...

- Limousine rental.

- Cairo limousine, Airport limousine, October limousine, Sharm El Sheikh limousine, Alexandria limousine, Alexandria airport limousine, Cairo Airport limousine, Egypt limousine, Airport transfer service, Alexandria airport transfer service, North Coast limousine, Porto Sokhna limousine, Marassi limousine, Cairo Sharm El Sheikh limousine service and Hurghada limousine.

- Airport limousine services.

- Burj Al Arab International Airport limousine.

- Cairo International Airport limousine.

- Sharm El Sheikh International Airport limousine.

- Hurghada International Airport limousine.

- Sphinx Airport Limousine.

- Province limousine services.

- Runway Limousine Company guarantee you a luxury transportation experienceand reliable chauffeurs who have full knowledge of the different roads within the Arab Republic of Egypt. Cairo Limousine, Alexandria Limousine, Sharm El Sheikh Limousine and Hurghada Limousine.

- Corporate and conference limousine services.

- Runway Limousine Company is always ready to assist conference organizers in all provinces with various transportation means, and manage guests’ transportation during the conference.

- We have a fleet of cars to assist conference organizers in all provinces, such as transportation from the airport to the residence, from the residence to the conference location, and to the various provinces.

- Runway Limousine is the ideal and safe solution for moving to remote places and traveling late at night, as well as for individuals and companies that plan to spend more than one day outside the city.

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Alex Cairo Agricultural Rd.,Near To Al Itthad Alexandria Club ABBIS, ALEXANDRIA 10 El Qesm St.,In Front Of El Ammereya General Hospital AMREYA, ALEXANDRIA Borg El Arab Airport Rd.,Inside Borg El Arab International Airport, Terminal 2 BORG EL ARAB, ALEXANDRIA 9 Rd. 45, Off El Corniche Rd.,Beside El Kataa Fish MIAMI, ALEXANDRIA 6 El Shaheed Mahmoud Shoukry Abdel Moneim St.,Inside El Moltaqa Mall SIDI GABER, ALEXANDRIA Ring Rd., El Moalemeen City GHARB DISTRICT, ASSYOUT El Galaa St., Abdel Moneim Riad Sq.,Inside Maspero Mall, 1st Floor DOWNTOWN, CAIRO 5 El Kollaly St.,Beside El Azbakeya Police Station EL AZBAKEYA, CAIRO 18 Ezzat Mohamed Salim St.,Near To Kebda & Mokh El Sharqawy HELIOPOLIS, CAIRO El Orouba Rd.,Inside Cairo International Airport, Terminal 1 HELIOPOLIS, CAIRO Talaat Mostafa Rd., South Park,In Front Of La Poire Patisaire Madinty, CAIRO 225 El Mokhayam El Daem St. NASR CITY, CAIRO El Tesaeen El Ganouby St., 1st Sector,Inside Total Egypt Gas Station NEW CAIRO, CAIRO El Sadat Spine,Inside The Corner Mall NEW CAIRO, CAIRO El Mashraba St., Tavira Village,Beside Dahab Plaza Hotel MASBAT, DAHAB Km 58 Suez Hurghada Rd.,Inside Porto South Beach EL AIN EL SOKHNA, EL AIN EL SOKHNA Suez Hurghada Rd.,In Front Of Bassem Market EL AIN EL SOKHNA, EL AIN EL SOKHNA Km 106 Suez Hurghada Rd., El Zaafarana EL AIN EL SOKHNA, EL AIN EL SOKHNA Km 48 Suez Hurghada Rd., El Zaafarana,Inside Porto Sokhna, Gate 2 EL AIN EL SOKHNA, EL AIN EL SOKHNA , 26th Of July Spine, West Somid,In Front Of Touristic Passage Club 6th OF OCTOBER, GIZA Cairo Alex Desert Rd.,Beside Mr. Wok Restaurant ABOU RAWASH, GIZA 15 Mourad St.,In Front Of Super Jet - Arab Federal Overland Transportation GIZA, GIZA 4 El Nasr Rd.,Beside Red Sea Hospital DAHAR, HURGHADA , Old Twaya,Beside Best Way Supermarket SAHL HASHISH, HURGHADA , El Seqqala,In Front Of High Jet SEKALA, HURGHADA Km 12 Matrouh Alex Desert Rd. MARSA UM TANDOBA, MARSA ALAM , Marina 5,Porto Marina, Inside Food Court MARINA, North Coast , Marina 7,Beside Allam Auto MARINA, North Coast Alex Matrouh Desert Rd.,In Front Of Marassi Village SIDI ABDEL RAHMAN, North Coast Km 126 Alex Matrouh Desert Rd.,In Front Of Stella Walk SIDI ABDEL RAHMAN, North Coast El Salam Rd.,Inside Watania Gas Station EL NOUR DISTRICT, SHARM EL SHEIKH El Mawqf El Qadim St., La Hascienda Village Ras Sidr, South Sinai Km 50 Sharm El Sheikh Desert Rd.,In Front Of Mousa Coast Village Ras Sidr, South Sinai , El Thalath Samakat Sq. Ras Sidr, South Sinai

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