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Distillation and extraction of essential, medical and food oils for over 30 years. Located in the Saqqara archaeological area, the cradle of ancient Egyptian civilization. We are an extension of 300 years of civilization. Our ancestors are known for manufacturing perfumes, scents and therapeutic oils. Cleopatra made jasmine oil to use as a perfume and Ramses I extracted cumin oil from seeds for treatment.

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- Saqqara is one of the most extensive archaeological and historical sites in Egypt, the earliest known Egyptian pyramids are found at Saqqara, the place surrounded with beautiful flowers, plants and palms as well as the historical figures, we are proud to be part of this history. 
- The pharaonic papyrus confirms that the ancient Egyptian were the first people who used the essential oils in their marriage, religion & political events Rituals.
- We are the last generation which is famous in the Therapeutic Essential oils industry.
- Our factory Located in Sakkara’s area where we manufacture the aromatic oils in several ways such as: steam distillation, extraction and cold pressed from flowers, fruits and Egyptian seeds.
- It is our pleasure to talk to you about our company Sakkara Essential Oils. The company is ISO 22000-18001 certified. - Our products are the raw material for major companies around the world such as perfume companies, pharmaceutical, food, soap and air fresheners, etc. Egypt prides itself because the most luxurious, expensive perfumes contain Egyptian essential oils in its industry. 
- Our factory is consisting of 12 production units from stainless steel as well as 3 cold press machines and a product analysis laboratory.
- We export our products to Europe, USA, Asia, Australia. Our goal is to open new markets in Africa.
- Saqqara essential oils deserve confidence because we have qualified engineers, workers and technicians. The company is ISO certified. We are keen to produce high quality products according to international and Egyptian specifications to ensure the best essential oils, absolute and concrete, good shipping and special prices.
- So when you need to buy pure and natural essential oils you should think of Saqqara for Essential Oils.

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