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3 El Montaser St., Shoubra el khaymah, Kaliobeya In Front Of Asfour Crystal Mosque

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Thirty years of experience in the production of all plastic blowing packages, including industrial and food barrels, jerrycans, bottles and jars. Blowing and injecting PET packages. Manufacturing covers and Punches in various sizes, all film products including plain and printed plastic bags, greenhouses and warning tape for gas and power companies.

Business Description

• A sophisticated industrial company that uses the latest plastic production technologies with a prominent presence in the Egyptian market and four countries in the Middle East.
• Constantly studying new products in various fields and media as per customer requirements to implement in the near future.
• Our team is uses the latest equipment and chooses the appropriate production technology for each product.
• Our mission is to meet customer needs by providing high-quality products that customers can depend on, using the highest and latest plastic industry technologies in Egypt and the Middle East.

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