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The Seasonal Global journey was started from Malaysia in 2015. The company provides tourism and holiday services and travel solutions, with highly experienced staff. After seven years, "Seasonal Global" has become the leading company in the field of tourism services and travel solutions, with a head office in Malaysia, and a network of branches spread in Indonesia - Egypt - Yemen, and many branches under establishment in other countries.

Business Description

- Seasonal Global was established in Malaysia in 2015 as a travel and tourism company.
- It has become a leading tourism services company in the field of tourism and travel solutions. We specialize in creating unforgettable trips and making your travel dreams come true.
- Providing travel tickets at any time.
Hotel Reservation:
- Offering a wide choice of the best hotels, of various levels, to give the customer the freedom to choose, and book easily and quickly.
Tourism Packages:
- Designing tourism programs in multiple destinations and at multiple levels.
Organizing Tours:
- We are keen to make the customer's travel experience full of excitement, therefore we are interested in planning tours with tour guides
Travel Insurance:
- We are keen to provide our customers with travel insurance services, through a range of insurance systems that meet the customer's needs.
- We are considered one of the best travel visa companies. The visa service is a basic pillar within the travel solutions provided by our offices, which we are proud of as a constantly renewing service, to which we add new countries and destinations day after day.
Permanent relationships with our customers:
- As a tourism agency, We aspire to a continuous relationship, by providing a package of "after-sales services" in which we provide all the services that the customer may need during his travel, such as transportation services "to and from the airport", the international driving license service and others.
Internal Transportation:
- We offer a wide variety of internal transportation options through contracting with transportation companies, or by providing private transportation vehicles.
- We are distinguished by our specialized staff in the field of air and sea freight, and our ability to secure ideal freight services.
Educational Services:
- We also aim as a study abroad agency to support those looking for an educational experience for university studies in the most important universities of Malaysia, Russia, Turkey, Romania, Hungary, and others.

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