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Smart Services For Security & Guarding

19 Khatam El Morsaleen St., El Omraneya El Sharkeya, El haram, Giza

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An Egyptian joint stock company licensed in accordance with Law No. 86 of 2015 holding License No. 54 to secure banks, malls, hospitals, factories, companies, compounds, schools, exhibitions, shops and clubs. We apply the highest level of highly efficient security services

Business Description

- The company provides an integrated security system, human and technological, to secure and guard facilities
- Security and guarding:
The company secures facilities, conferences, parties, public figures and exhibitions. Our mission may be limited to one day only, a number of hours, or contracts extended for years. The company provides all the appropriate personnel to perform this task and the equipment required for implementation from detection devices, electronic doors, surveillance cameras and other equipment. The company also provides personnel that meet the standards to carry out these tasks.
- Security systems:
We provide many systems that regulate entry and exit in institutions that require permits. In this, the concept of security systems comes to express everything that would ensure the preservation of the integrity of public security. Under this name, three sections of systems join together to obtain the maximum degree of public security, which is surveillance systems, access control and intrusion detection systems
- Security consultation:
Integrated security consultation for our clients through a team of professionals in this field for more than 18 years. There is a great demand for security consultation services as companies realize that they need outside help and advice in order to plan and strategically defend against security threats
- Our message:
We are always keen to find solutions that are characterized by speed through the experience of a team that helps raise the level of performance above the usual level. We always strive to be a leading company in the field of security services to provide the best services to our customers in order to obtain customer satisfaction and thus we can maintain the largest amount of customers

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