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Pioneers in manufacturing all stainless steel and all production lines. Manufacturing all product conveyor belts in addition to laser cutting. Our loyal customers include Marbella Food Industries, Queen Food Industries, El Rashidi Mizan, Sedico Pharmaceuticals, Heinz, Chipsy, Dolce, Nestle, and October Pharma.

Business Description

One of the best companies in the field of stainless steel industry and manufacturing production lines. The company took care of the engineering department with the presence of a group of engineers with experience, skill and implementation according to specifications with the highest quality
The company's business areas:
-Metal forming and working.
-Manufacturing all types of tanks (single - double jacket without insulation - heat insulation - cold insulation - stainless steel - iron).
-Installing all types of pipelines (iron - stainless steel - double jacket - normal).
-Designing and installing fire lines + its own set of pumps and  electrical panels.
-Installing all steam lines and connecting them to boilers. Installing oil boilers and their pipelines.
-Installing all types of thermal and cold insulation.
-Manufacturing all products' conveyor belts.
-Binding steel nuts used in the food industry with stainless steel.
-Manufacturing all kinds of cookers.
-Manufacturing all kinds of stainless steel nuts (horizontal - vertical).
-Manufacturing all types of sieves (powder shakers - sugar).
-Manufacturing all kinds of handrails.
-Manufacturing all kinds of platform and installation of production lines.
-Manufacturing and maintaining  all types of heat exchangers (stainless steel - iron - copper - aluminum.
-Manufacturing and installing all types of motorized regular and movable gates with all its electrical components.
-Manufacturing all kinds of armored doors - stainless steel doors - emergency door.
-Manufacturing all kinds of tables.
-All kitchen and hotel supplies.
-Maintaining, developing and raising the efficiency of production lines and machines.
-Manufacturing and installing industrial ventilation ducts with all its components (square - round).
-Supplying factory supplies (electrical - mechanical).
-Manufacturing all packaging machines.
-Laser and plasma cutting.

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