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Technoclinic is a specialized clinic established to provide comprehensive and safe medical services to ensure the highest quality through distinct and highly experienced staff. We always seek to use the latest technology while maintaining ethics and our responsibility to the community.

Business Description

- Techno Clinic is a medical clinic established to provide comprehensive and safe medical services at the highest levels of quality and advancement for patients and medical institutions. It has a highly qualified team of doctors and specialized medical teams in various medical specialties to ensure the provision of the best possible healthcare, Techno Clinic utilizes the latest technologies and medical devices to provide accurate diagnosis and effective treatment for patients while maintaining ethics and our responsibility towards society.
- Techno Clinic provides a wide range of medical services and specialties, including:
- Neurology.
- Orthopedics and Pediatric Orthopedics.
- Pulmonology.
- Endocrinology.
- Diabetes.
- Urology.
- Nutrition.
- Rheumatology.

Techno Clinic also offers the best medical services in:
- Education and Speech Therapy
- Behavior and Psychological Modification
- Medical and Genetic Analyses
- Physical Therapy
- Treatment Bone Fork Using the Shockwave Device
- x-rays 
- Ultrasound and Electrocardiogram (EKG).
- In addition to providing all medical specialties for adults and children, with a distinguished team of university professors and consultants in all fields, Techno Clinic offers home medical services for internal medicine, physical therapy, medical sample collection, and radiology.
- There are several branches of Techno Clinic in the following areas:
- Al Mohandessin
- Downtown Cairo
- Nasr City.
- These branches are aimed at providing the best medical services on a wide scale and meeting the needs of customers in different locations.
We also offer various payment methods and installment plans at Techno Clinic clinics to facilitate the fee collection process.

Payment Methods

Visa Vodafone Cash Valu AMAN Bank Transfer

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