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All welding supplies. Over 50 years of welding experience qualifying us for outstanding support, after sales & maintenance services as well as component quality assurance including argon torches, semi-automatic, plasma & Gouging, gas regulators, cutting, welding & heating .& supplies, welding wires & Tungsten, Pickling stainless steel welding cleaner, Welding safety supplies, Auto - Darkening Helmet & regular welding helmet & welding Machines Providing clients with high-quality products & world-class support.

Business Description

Our Background: 
-The factory first established by Mr. Halim Bebawi (the father) since 1957 Under license of FRO Italy to manufacture welding equipment. Considered the first factory manufacturing  welding equipment in Egypt. We become agent for major international companies in welding equipment, including SAF Franch, Borgognan, Panasonic welding machine Japan, and Selco & FRO Italy….. 
- Winner for Import Company was established in 2013 and became a distributor for major international companies in the field of welding equipment, namely Wel-Arc | ProArc | Aquasol, Wel-Gas, CutWeld, Weldo, Benjamin……
- Welding and cutting machines (Wel-Arc | Benjamin).
-Constant current | Tig | Mig semi-automatic | Plasma cut. 
- Welding wires (nickel | stainless steel | aluminum | cast iron |Hard facing | steel | specialized | silver | copper……..). 
- Flame cutting and welding equipment. 
- Regulators in all gases (oxygen | acetylene | carbon dioxide | nitrogen | argon | hydrogen | gas| high discharge for manifolds | high pressure). 
- Welding, Cutting, Heating torches and its accessories. 
- Safaty equipment.
- ProArc automatic welding mask | ProArc automatic welding with filter | Welding gloves | welding jacket. 
- Welding supplies. 
- Mig Semi-automatic (welding torch and all its accessories | anti-spatter.
-Tig (welding torch and all its accessories | stainless steel Pickling material, Purging). 
-Plasma (torch parts and all its accessories). 
- Carbon arc  torch &  carbon  electrode.  
- Calibration tools: welding Gauge. 
- Argon Purging paper (Aquasol). 
- Arc welding accessories : Electrode holder|  Ground clamp | welding cables | Electrode & Automatic Fluxheating furnaces | 

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